Welcome 2024 and Beyond

In these times of great change, upheaval and uncertainty there is a huge opportunity and calling for the spiritual evolution of our species! Experience the loving and skilled guidance of Ascended Beings who have walked the paths of Ascension to Higher Consciousness.


Are You Tired of Being 'Attacked' by Negative Thoughts, Emotions, and Memories? 

Do You Want To 

RELEASE and Remove Spiritual Attacks, Toxic Entities, AI Implants, and Heavy Karmic Conditions
BASK in the Total Love, Abundance, and Wisdom with the Higher Guidance 
SHATTER Your Blockages and Embark on Your journey with Profound Wisdom
TRANSFORM the Darkest Shadows into Radiant Light for a Legacy of LASTING Inner Peace
EXPAND Your Aura and Become Your Higher Self

Get to know This Crazy Lady 

Open divine templates to access wealth and happiness on levels never previously expressed. Experience clarity, knowing, and flow that resonates with the highest timelines and goals. Feel confident and capable to go big with dreams and your mission. Be fully seen and heard. Enjoy changes in your life, and see results more consistently and powerfully take form daily.

Private Sessions

Private Session (90mins)

Everyone can receive and benefit from this session including family members and pets. Obstacles are removed and supportive energies are provided to help you on your path toward greater health, peace, ease and well-being.

In your private session, you will receive a Personal Energy Clearing and Higher Self Integration session that includes:

*Opening and clearing of blockages in your 12 energy centers
*Flushing of energetic debris and discordant energies from your emotional, mental and spiritual bodies
*Expansion of your aura
*Removal of non-physical entities
*Removal of etheric implants
*Removal of mental trash
*Removal of your pain body

*Removal of vows and curses
*Energetic infusion of higher vibrational, loving energy

In addition, the following will occur:

*Purge fears, traumas and pains from your current and past lives as well as from your DNA
*Raise your vibration and elevate your being to a higher level of consciousness
*Discard energies that are not of the highest and best good for you
*Eliminate all energetic debris that is flushed from your being
*Facilitate your Higher Self merging completely with your body, mind and spirit

The arrival of this higher world is imminent and will be facilitated,

and sped up by clearing these energies within your own matrix. Enjoy the ride. #mentalwealth